JUCCCE creates a livable China by focusing on acupuncture points
to create innovative sustainability solutions

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China Dream
Reimagining Prosperity


JUCCCE creates a livable China. China’s growing population needs new ways to move from survivability to livability to thrivability within the limits of planetary health. JUCCCE helps pursue this China Dream by reimagining prosperity to humanize sustainability and transform desire. 

Ecolivable Cities
New Urbanisation

China is undergoing an unprecedented rate of city construction and urban migration. To attract the best talents, our cities must be human-centered, built on eco-livability principles. JUCCCE inspires a movement with government leadership training, policy recommendations and documentaries. 

A New Way to Eat Sustainable Diets

China’s changing diet is creating an alarming rise in obesity, diabetes and damaging our environment. Its economy is threatened with declining health in workers and inability to equitably feed its citizens. Chinese kids can be food heroes by eating in a way that is good for them and good for the planet. 

A View into China
Promoting Collaboration

Turning "Made In China" to "Made With China" requires greater understanding of how to work with Chinese. Trust is the basis of cultural diplomacy; on top of which foreign diplomacy and responsible trade can be built. JUCCCE acts as a gateway to mutual understanding. 

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What people say about us

  • "To be part of JUCCCE, be an advisory board member is my privilege, JUCCCE has done lots of efficient hard work , also very dedicated and concerned on environment problems, I share the same vision and purpose with JUCCCE."
    Li Bingbing, Actress
  • "First, JUCCCE is very professional and dedicated on its work, Second, thanks to JUCCCE’s rich resources, JUCCCE has the ability to bring pioneer thoughts to our mayor training."
    Wang Zhongping Vice President of National Academy for Mayors of China
  • “We have a very good collaborative relationship with JUCCCE. JUCCCE is a non-profit with a very good idea to promote the renewable energy development and environment protection in China.”
    Wang Jinding, Vice President of China Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong
  • “JUCCCE is doing something really unique in China, not only helping change the way energy is created, is also helping create an environmentally sustainable culture.”
    Cheng Lin, Singer
  • “As one of the first United States’ mayors to be invited by JUCCCE to impress Chinese mayors. I frankly feel humble because there’s so much work to be done here that we are not aware in the US. JUCCCE is doing incredible work with real results.”
    Rocky Anderson , Former Mayor of Salt Lake City
  • "JUCCCE is impressive. Its talented team focuses on projects that matter, helping tackle China's clean energy challenges at the ground level."
    David Sandalow, former Assistant Secretary, US Dept. of Energy
  • "We need to find ways to get consumers, organizations and governments to work together to solve our energy problems, and JUCCCE will provide the vehicle to make this happen."
    Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, & JUCCCE Honorary Committe
  • "This A New Way To Eat food education program could be the single most impactful intervention on children’s health."
    Brett Rierson, World Food Programme, China Representative