Environmental disaster is the biggest issue facing China, and the world.

China's massive migration into new cities, industry's thirst for energy, and boom of its consumer class threaten to deplete the world's natural resources.

JUCCCE is a non-profit accelerating the greening of China.

Because sustainability needs complex collaborations, JUCCCE is at once a bridge into China and a bridge between influencers in different sectors to pave the way for innovative solutions.

China is determined to tackle its environmental challenges to create a healthy and livable China.

What China's decision makers need now are solutions that can scale up at gigascale, gigapace, and low cost.

JUCCCE's high level government leadership training aims to teach mayors and central government officials new ways to build sustainable and ecolivable cities.

By speaking to people's hearts and humanizes sustainability, we engage and create new sustainability champions.

JUCCCE's China Dream initiative draws people to live more sustainably by visualizing a compelling picture of how we can build a livable China we are proud of. We are reimagining prosperity, retelling the story of sustainably to transform desire.

Our A New Way to Eat program teaches primary school children in China how to eat in a way that is good for them and good for the planet.

JUCCCE's Pollution Survival Guide creates awareness of how to protect your health in the midst of unlivable levels of air pollution.

JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy) was founded in 2007 from the first public dialogues between US and Chinese government officials on clean energy. At our seven year mark, JUCCCE has already helped catalyze key tipping points in the way China creates and uses energy- by introducing smart grid to China, training over 800 government officials on eco-cities, creating a national conversation about "China Dream", the start of China's mainstream green consumer media coverage, creating early awareness of energy savings lightbulbs. We have also codified our collaborative leadership model into "Stone Soup Global Leadership".

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Message from JUCCCE Chair
We need to find ways to get consumers, organizations and governments to work together to solve our energy problems, and JUCCCE will provide the vehicle to make this happen.           

- Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, & JUCCCE Honorary Committee Member -

JUCCCE is impressive. Its talented team focuses on projects that matter, helping tackle China's clean energy challenges at the ground level.

- David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary, US Dept. of Energy -