China Dream: Reimagine Prosperity

China’s growing population needs new ways to move from survivability to livability to thrivability. JUCCCE helps people pursue this China Dream by reimagining prosperity to humanize sustainability and transform desire.


About the Program

Radical, not incremental change is needed in how we consume.  China’s growing population needs new ways to prosper within the limits of planetary health. Only by transforming consumption can we reduce the environmental impact on our world's resources of China's growing middle class - an astounding 800 million by 2025.  JUCCCE helps people pursue this China Dream by reimagining prosperity to humanize sustainability and transform desire.



To make the China Dream come alive, we need to build a coalition of volunteers and organizations to help visualize, brand, and activate the China Dream. 

Please volunteer your expertise or creative services to Or support a fellowship for a China Dream manager by donating to

Partners Needed:

  1. Policy researchers
  2. City partners to pilot policy nudges
  3. Creatives to help define the visual lexicon of the China Dream
  4. Scriptwriters, media partners, ad agencies and bloggers to help activate the China Dream imagery
  5. Consumer-facing companies to second staff to share practices for nudging behavior at store and package levels   

To learn more about the UK Dream spinoff of China Dream, please see:

  • 2012 July 4 - Saatchi S Workshop (London)
  • 2012 July 27 Tongji University ‘Our City’ workshop (Shanghai)
  • 2012 October Presentation of 7 initial policy recommendations and Ogilvy policy video teaser at JUCCCE mayoral training
  • 2012 November 3 Ogilvy ‘Health & Wellness’ workshop (Shanghai)
  • 2012 December 15 Edelman ‘Culture & Style’ workshop at Jintai Art Museum (Beijing)
  • 2012 December 20 Tongji University Sino-Finnish Center class presentations on metro-centered living: ‘Our City’ & ‘Sustainable Design’ classes
  • 2013 January Augmentum's 和悦社区 application beta launch
  • 2013 January 27 Wujie ‘Food & Nutrition in Restaurants’ workshop (Shanghai)
  • 2013 March 71st open-source workshop outside China ‘UK Dream’ reframing sustainability language (London)
  • 2013 April 3Unilever's Dove & Watsons workshop (Guangzhou)
  • 2013 May Scriptwriters workshop
  • "What is China Dream" class at Shanghai Jiaotong University Arts and Humanities Institute

This project is co-chaired by Shanghai Jiaotong University Arts & Humanites Institute and JUCCCE, and is funded in part by the Urban China Initiative, a partnership between Columbia University, The School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University and McKinsey & Company.

We're also grateful for the support of Elizabeth Riley fellowship, Dennis and Connie Keller fellowship, and Don Dixon fellowship.  

These passionate team of contributors across sectors and around the world have made the JUCCCE China Dream possible:

Miranda Ballentine, Henry Barmeier, Marc Bolland, Julian Borra, danah Boyd, Rahul Burman, Steven Cao, Ben Cavender, Cliff Champion, Elizabeth Chan, Christine Chen, David Cheng , Sean Cleary, Paul Dien, Bob Elton, Mark Evans, Lyndsey Garcia, Karl Gerth, Richard Gilles, Minji Gwak, Godert van Hardenbroek, Patric Hennigan, Cheryl Hicks, Julian Himes, Richard Hsu, Jared Huke, Eileen Hur, Lucy Huang, Jessica Jinn, Jared Huke, Jane Kendall, Gail Klintworth, Adam Knight, Sarah Kochling, Steve Kohn, Kaiser Kuo, Peter Lacy, Angus Li, Nancy Li, Cheng Lin, John Liu, Julia Liu, Kang Liu, Leonard Liu, Peggy Liu, Yangmingxi Ma, Neville Mars, Tatsuo Masuda, Charlie Mathews, Espen Mehlum,  Dana Miller, Zhao Xue Ming, Olivier Oullier, Kevin Osborne, Dan Pei, Jonathan Porritt, Chen Qian, Maria Rabinovich, Florian Reber, Shaun Rein, Nial Rele, Bradford Richardson, James Roy, Jonah Sachs, Guowei Shou,  Kunal Sinha, Tom Song, Scott Spirit, Dejan Sundic, Nina Trentmann, Burcu Tuncer, Vijay Vaitheeswaran, Ray Wang, Lord Nat Wei, Wei Wei, Adam Werbach, Lisa Witter, Jonathan Woetzel, Vicky Grinnell-Wright, Anson Wu, Yan Nailing, Prem Varatharajan, Helen Wang, Dr. Ping Wang, Ruru Wang, Isabella Wenschler, Cole Wheeler, Eva Xie, Mengyi Xu, Phoebus Xu, Gao Yan, Van Yang, Alex Yang, Dr. Zhenlin Yang, Karl Yoder, Henry Yuan, Su Yunsheng, Matthew Zedler, Mei Mei Zeprun, David Zhang, Gengtian Zhang Junjie Zhang, Keiss Zhang, Xueming Zhao, Chenyu Zheng, Ye Zhi, Ping Zhou, Manuela Zoninsein.