China Dream workshop at Wujie

China Dream workshop at Wujie

A China Dream workshop on "Food and Nutrition in Restaurants" At Greenology vegetarian restaurant on Jan 27, 2013

Participants of the workshop included restaurant owners, restaurant managers, marketing consultants, and industrial designers.

After an introduction to the China Dream and a “Smoothie Challenge” (teams had to create a smoothie and come up with a name), the break-out discussions were:

  • How can sustainability be further incorporated into restaurants?
    • How are China’s restaurants currently incorporating sustainability?
    • What are the obstacles for restaurants to adopt more sustainability and how can we overcome them?
  • How can we make this happen?
    • What resources do we need to implement the ideas?
    • Which stakeholders need to be addressed in order to implement the ideas?



  • Top 10 tips to make your restaurant more sustainable" bi-lingual guide to be distributed electronically to restaurants in China
  • Creation of a coalition of restaurants promoting sustainable lifestyles


Special thanks to

Kim Wong (Marketing Manager of Wujie), Dorothy Qian, Christa Chen, Zhou Lin