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2014-09-15 International New York Times "Environmental Laureates’ Declaration on Climate Change" [The 160 Signatories]
2014-08-00 Norman Disney Young LifeCycle Magazine profile."JUCCCE, the China Dream and reimagining prosperity"
2014-06-27 Financial Times. The Diary: Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson
2014-06-24 Ensia: A Path Forward for Climate Talks by Peggy Liu
2014-06-20 Die Welt "Chinas chaotischer Kampf für mehr Ökostrom"
2014-06-19 Slate. "Can China Be Green?"
2014-06-16 Global Observer "Can the world's most polluting country become an ecotourism pioneer?"
2014-06-13 This Week in Energy (TWiE) "JUCCCE’n China’s Clean Green Revolution Dream"
2014-06 L'Officiel China "Women Who Can Change the World"
2014-06-09 Fudan University (Shanghai). “Environmental Communication in China” by Charlie Mathews

2014-05-20 Discovery Channel Ports D'Attache "Le tour du monde se poursuit avec Sophie Fouron"

2014-05-08 St. Gallens Symposium in Switzerland "Reimagining prosperity; retelling the story of sustainability; reshaping desire"
2014-05-06 Clean Air in Cities Award 2014
2014-04-11 European Convention for Environmental Laureates by Charlie Mathews
2014-04-10 Wall St. Journal Asia "Safe and Sustainable Food Gets Big in China"
2014-04-09 Crowdsourcing Week Singapore. “Collaborating on the China Dream” by Charlie Mathews
2014-03-29 TEDxOccidental "Reinventing the American Dream" speech by Peggy Liu
2014-03-18 TED2014. 30th anniversary in Vancouver  "China's pollution is everyone's problem" speech by Peggy Liu
2014-01-30 PRI/NPR radio “A human tsunami: China's coming urban transformation” 
2014-1-22 CNN "On China". Talk show on Urbanization with Kristie Lu Stout.
2014-01-21 Green Initiatives – An Evening for Energy by Charlie Mathews
2014-12 Hult Business School (Shanghai) "Visionary Leaders speaker series" 
2014-1-7 BBC Asia TV segment on air pollution in China in the Future of Fuel special. Mentioned www.juccce.org/air Air Pollution Survival Guide 
2014-1-5  Shanghai Daily "People Who Walk the EcoWalk"
2014-5 L'Officiel Elite Women "精英女性"
2014-5 TedX Occidental "Reinventing the American Dream" speech by Peggy Liu 


  • 2013-12-19 Fudan University (Shanghai). “Green marketing” by Charlie Mathews
  • 2013-12 South China Morning Post "It's Slow Time"
  • 2013-12 Visionary Leaders speaker series at Hult Business School (Shanghai) on JUCCCE, China Dream, collaborative Leadership
  • 2013-12-04 Raffles Design Institute (Shanghai). “Visualising the China Dream” by Charlie Mathews
  • 2013-11 Speeches at Creative Innovation (Melbourne) on China Dream, sustainable urbanization and consumption, collaborative leadership, collaborating with China
  • 2013-11 ABC 774 radio (Australia) "Effective environmentalism in China and globally"
  • 2013-11哈佛商业评论》Harvard Business Review "If Wou Want to Change the World, Partner with China" by Peggy Liu
  • 2013-11 Slideshow for presentation on China Dream at International Congress and Convention Association #ICCA13
  • 2013-11  Slow Life Symposium (Thailand) Peggy Liu on JUCCCE.
  • 2013-11《纽约时报》 New York Times Thomas Friedman op-ed. "Too Big to Breathe?"
  • 2013-09《可持续发展已死》Ensia China is a Model for Going Green (Despite What You Read) by Peggy Liu
  • 2013-09 LeadingCompany Peggy Liu: Why it is Easier for Women to Succeed in China
  • 2013-08《好管家》Good Housekeeping China 刘佩琪:我不是虎妈 Peggy Liu Interview: I'm Not a Tiger Mother
  • 2013-08 Jessica Most Successful Women 2013
  • 2013-07《范围杂志》Scope Magazine 为了一个更美好的中国讲故事 "Telling Stories for a Better China"
  • 2013-05《赫芬顿邮报》Huffington Post "If Trash is Gold, China is Very Rich" by Peggy LIu
  • 2013-04《创意城市Creative City
  • 2013-04-24 Shanghai University for Science and Tech. The China Dream by Charlie Mathews
  • 2013-04《时尚芭莎Harpers Bazaar 6版封面故事《不做女强人,只做强女人》  A 6 page layout in a cover story on women role models featuring YGL Stone Soup, JUCCCE's China Dream sustainable lifestyle, women role model. 重点介绍了“石头汤”领导模式,聚思和悦梦想,女性榜样刘佩琪女士
  • 2013-04《建筑文摘Architectural Digest A1版 绿色特别主题 《可持续的好生活》,报道了聚思主席刘佩琪女士和聚思的和悦梦想(和谐社区图景)  A 1 page in a special Green issue cover story mentions JUCCCE's China Dream - harmonious happy community design- and chairperson Peggy Liu 
  • 2013-03《可持续发展已死》Ensia Live 刘佩琪女士阐述和悦梦想 Watch JUCCCE Chair Peggy Liu explain the China Dream at EnsiaLive
  • 2013-03《赫芬顿邮报》Huffington Post《可持续发展亟需从晦暗到光明》 文/刘佩琪  "Sustainability Needs to Move From Gloom to Hope" by Peggy Liu.
  • 2013-03《可持续发展已死》Ensia 文/刘佩琪 "Sustainability is Dead" by Peggy Liu
  • 2013-03 《卫报》The Guardian "Women in Sustainability"
  • 2013-02 《卫报》The Guardian "Gallery of Climate Change Abolitionists"
  • 2013-02《社会与公益Society and Welfare 报道了北京金台艺术馆举办的《聚思和悦梦想视觉创想营——文化与时尚》 On chinadream workshop on culture and style at Beijing Jing Tai Art Museum.


  • 2012-11《瞭望东方周刊Oriental Outlook  封面文章:《中国梦》Cover feature: China Dream
  • 2012-11-15 UNEP/Switch Asia (Bangkok). “Effective Public Awareness Campaigns for Sustainable Consumption” by Charlie Mathews
  • 2012-11《费加罗》 Madame Figaro 封面, 《美丽人生TOP LIFE -度盛典》获奖人刘佩琪, Cover mention: special Report: Top Life awards"
  • 2012-10-24 2nd Sino-German Stakeholder Forum of the Low Carbon Future Cities. The China Dream by Charlie Mathews
  • 2012-10《卫报》The Guardian, 《建立中国梦的愿景》 , "Building a vision of the Chinese dream"
  • 2012-10《纽约时报》New York Times 汤姆·弗里德曼 专栏《中国需要自己的梦想》. Tom Friedman op-ed. "China Needs Its Own Dream"
  • 2012-09《时尚》Vogue 封面《改善世界》的卓越女性》 China, Cover mention: "Powerful Women Who Better the World" "
  • 2012-07《希拉里领导力学院在伦敦》Hillary Step 由新西兰政府高层为聚思主席刘佩琪女士授予希拉里国际领导力学院气候变化解决方案大奖Hillary Step  award for climate change solutions presented to JUCCCE Chairperson Peggy Liu at New Zealand High Commission in London
  • 2012-07《气候债券倡议》Climate Bonds Initiative,伦敦, London
  • 2012-07《绿色星期一》Green Mondays, 伦敦, London
  • 2012-06《解决方案》Solutions Journal 杂志封面故事:》里约+20峰会 特约文章,刘佩琪《中国的可持续消费》, special issue for UN Rio + 20, "Sustainable Consumerism Begins in China"
  • 2012-06《卫报》The Guardian《和悦梦想:一场以可持续发展为核心的生活方式的运动》"China dream: a lifestyle movement with sustainability at its heart"
  • 2012-05《批判之眼》《中国决心走可持续发展道路》Criticaleye "China’s Push for Sustainability" 
  • 2012-05 荷兰《忠诚报》《刘佩琪的清洁和悦梦想》Trouw De schone Chinese droom van Peggy Liu
  • 2012-03《世界报》Die Welt刘佩琪:来自上海的环保英雄》刘佩琪 "Peggy Liu ist die Heldin der Umwelt aus Shanghai"
  • 2012-03《单片眼镜杂志》Monocle
  • 2012-03《宝马基金会》BMW Foundation,关于重大影响项目蓝图的路演 presentation on Blueprint for Impact project
  • 2012-03《第一财经周刊》创新三原则:揭示长久以来被遮蔽的本质
  • 2012-01《经理人杂志》《麦肯锡校友》ManagerMagazin "McKinsey Alumni"
  • 2012-01《第一财经周刊》China Business News 聚思主席刘佩琪女士当选 《2012中国商业创新50人》 . Cover mention: "Top 50 Innovative Leaders" 


  • 2011-12 《耶路撒冷邮报》Jerusalem Post 英语,希伯来语《中国:以色列未来水资源可再用技术的中心?》English, Hebrew "China: Future center for Israeli Renewable Energy and Water Technology?" 
  • 2011-12《以色列经济与投资网站》IsraelStrategist.com 循环经济亟待跨国合作 "Circular Economy Demands Cross-Border Collaboration
  • 2011-11《中国经济评论》China Economic Review
  • 2011-11《联合国工业发展组织,维也纳大会》UNIDO general conference in Vienna《亚太地区:数十亿人脱贫和绿色增章》, "Asia Pacific: Poverty Reduction for Billions and Green Growth"
  • 2011-11《气候连线》ClimateWire 栏目《清洁能源技术公司与中国工业谨慎起舞》 "Outside cleantech companies begin cautious dance with Chinese industry" 
  • 2011-11《以色列经济与投资网站》IsraelStrategist.com 以色列清洁能源技术的转型挑战 "Israel's Cleantech Transfer Challenges"
  • 2011-11《外交家》The Diplomat《中国绿色女神》 "China's Green Goddess"
  • 2011-09《世界经济论坛,女性新领军者,大连市》 WEF New Champions in Dalian "Women Entrepreneurs"
  • 2011-04《美国公共电视网 PBS 纪录片《地球——操作手册》 "Earth: the Operator's Manual" 
  • 2011-02《达沃斯世界经济论坛中欧合作》WEF in Davos PWC "Europe and China Collaboration"  
  • 2011-02《达沃斯世界经济论坛中印合作》WEF in Davos India & China collaboration
  • 2011-02《单片眼镜》杂志Monocle, 加拿大
  • 2011-01《工程新闻》-录音Engineering News-Record
  • 2011      《能源机遇》消费者新闻与商业频道CNBC "Energy Opportunities"
  • 2011      《艾克塞特学校大会》Exeter School Assembly 
  • 2011      《城市中国计划》Urban China Initiative 为聚思中国城市化研究颁奖 awards grants for research on China Urbanization
  • 2011      《牛津校友会 亚太区俱乐部》Oxford Union Asia Pacific Club
  • 2011      《气候观察》Climate Spectator《中国式消费主义:是否可持续?》"Consumerist China: Is it sustainable?" 


  • 2010-11《ABC世界新闻》ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Diane Sawyer 主播
  • 2010-11《中美经济与安全审查委员会年终报告》 US-China Economic and Security Review Commission(第192页,第四章,能源部分)year-end report (see page 192, Chapter 4 on energy)
  • 2010      《霍奇基斯中学》Hotchkiss School 2010
  • 2010-10《从世界工厂到世界清洁能源技术实验室——中国的华丽转身》TEDxChCh talk  "China is changing from the factory of the world to the cleantech laboratory of the world"
  • 2010-10《金融时报FT Chinese 《金字塔尖的女性》 "Women at Top" 
  • 2010-10《福布斯》Forbes《亚洲瞩目的女性》 "Women to Watch in Asia"
  • 2010-09《世界经济论坛》QQ 天津,英语视频采访 English-language video interview from World Economic Forum in Tianjin
  • 2010-09《纽约时报》NY Times 汤姆·弗里德曼《我们不够聪明吗?》Tom Friedman, , "Aren't We Clever"
  • 2010-07   Rajendra Pachauri 教授为聚思主席刘佩琪女士授希拉里国际领导力学院气候变化解决方案大奖奖 Dr. Rajendra Pachauri awards the Hillary Laureate to JUCCCE Chairperson
  • 2010-07《为未来提供能源》Discovery 探索频道, ”Powering the Future”
  • 2010-05-25 New Republic "China Journal: Can 1,300 Coal Plants Be Wrong?"
  • 2010-04《好管家Good Housekeeping China 种花种树种梦想 "I Have a Dream"
  • 2010-03 《CBS新闻》CBS News 《能源驱动国家发展》"Energy fuels the growth of nations"
  • 2010      《心理-刊》10 Green Handkerchiefs award 2010-度绿手帕奖
  • 2010      《尚流Beijing Tatler《绿色奇迹》"Green Miracle"


  • 2009-12《环球时报Beijing Global Times《绿色女神》"Green Goddess"
  • 2009-11《经济学人》The Economist Debate, overview here 杂志 辩论《为何中国,而非美国,主导了气候变化议题》"Why China is doing more on climate change leadership than the US"
  • 2009-10《中美清洁能源战略论坛》 Strategic Forum for a US-China Clean Energy Partnership 中发言,列席的有美国大使,布鲁金斯研究院主席和其他领袖 With US Ambassador to China and President of Brookings Institute
  • 2009-09《哈佛商业评论》The Harbus来自哈佛商学院的暑期实习生 Yshih Wu,在上分享了她暑期的经历与收获 Summer Intern from HBS, Yashih Wu, shares her summer experience
  • 2009-09 《21世纪经济报道》21st Century Business Herald《世界经济论坛特刊》,聚思主席刘佩琪专栏文章,Peggy Liu's Op-Ed for special World Economic Forum supplement
  • 2009-09 《时尚》Vogue  报道了聚思慈善大使、中国第一超模杜鹃JUCCCE Goodwill Ambassador and China's first supermodel featured in Vogue China Vogue China,
  • 2009-08 《中国经济评论》China Economic Review China Economic Review
  • 2009-08 《21世纪经济报道》21st Century Herald 中国商业杂志的领导者报道了聚思主席刘佩琪女士的事迹JUCCCE Chairperson Peggy Liu featured in leading China business magazine  
  • 2009-08《北京Tatler》Beijing Tatler 报道了聚思与巴黎欧莱雅、中国第一超模杜鹃共同启动节能灯泡交换项目 JUCCCE Lighting Program Partnership Launch with L'Oreal and China's first supermodel, Du Juan
  • 2009-08《上海商业评论》Shanghai Business Review 报道了聚思顾问、美国杜克能源公司首席技术官 Featuring JUCCCE Advisor and CTO of Duke Energy
  • 2009-08《夏洛特观察家报》Charlotte Observer 报道了聚思智能电网项合作伙伴,美国杜克能源公司,与中国企业签订历史性的合作谅解备忘录Charlotte Observer, JUCCCE Smart Grid Cooperative member, Duke Energy, has historic MOU with China 
  • 2009-08《能源商业杂志》Energy Biz Magazine 刊登了哥伦比亚史蒂夫·海默教授关于聚思市长培训项目的见解 Prof. Steve Hammer of Columbia University talks about the JUCCCE Mayoral Training Program
  • 2009-07《福克斯商业新闻》Fox Business News 频道报道了匹兹堡智能电网城市BPL Global 加盟聚思,共同推动聚思智能电网合作BPL Global joins JUCCCE as a member of the JUCCCE Smart Grid Cooperative
  • 2009-07 聚思在苏黎世引起轰动并得到新闻报道
  • 2009-07《赫芬顿邮报》Huffington Post 上海GIGA会谈专栏提及聚思主席刘佩琪女士JUCCCE launch makes news in Zurich   Op-Ed on GIGA Talks in Shanghai
  • 2009-07《中国扬州政府》 Yangzhou Government 门户网站上刊登了聚思智能电网 Posts pictures of the JUCCCE Smart Grid Co-Op at the co-organized Smart Grid Development Forum
  • 2009-06  科技新闻资讯网就聚思市长培训项目采访了史蒂夫·Treehugger.com 海默教授 Dr. Steve Hammer on JUCCCE's Mayoral Training Program Treehugger.com
  • 2009-06《中外对话》China Dialogue 报道了参与聚思全国市长培训项目的市长的心得体会 Mayor's reaction to JUCCCE's National Chinese Mayoral Training Program 
  • 2009-06《环球时报》The Global Times《环球时报调研中国智能电网现状》报道了聚思智能电网项目执行总监ML Chan博士ML Chan, JUCCCE's Director of SmartGrid, featured in investigation of Smart Grid in China  The Global Times
  • 2009-06《南亚媒体》South Asian Media 报道了聚思节能灯泡交换项目JUCCCE Lighting Program feature 2009 
  • 2009-06《印度教徒报》 The Hindu 报道了聚思节能灯泡交换项目 JUCCCE's Lighting Program feature
  • 2009-06 《YOKA时尚网》YOKA.com 中国第一超模杜鹃宣布巴黎欧莱雅、羽西与聚思合作的节能灯泡交换项目正式启动 China's first supermodel, Du Juan, announcing partnership of L'Oreal's Yue Sai Cosmetics and JUCCCE's Lighting Program
  • 2009-06《时尚》Vogue 报道了聚思与巴黎欧莱雅、羽西合作的节能灯泡交换项目JUCCCE Lighting Program's partnership with L'Oreal's Yue Sai Cosmetics feature
  • 2009-06《公用事业新闻》 Utility Industry News 报道了聚思市长培训项目 JUCCCE's China Mayoral Training Program featured
  • 2009-06《中外对话》 China Dialogue Turning Grey to Green
  • 2009-05《中国日报》China Daily 报道了聚思全国市长培训项目
  • 2009-05《绿色商业网》BusinessGreen.com 报道了聚思的市长培训项目JUCCCE Mayoral Training Program on Energy Smart Cities Feature
  • 2009-05《股票市场网》TradingMarkets.com  报道了美国杜克能源公司CEO Jim Rogers 向美国参议会外交委员会介绍聚思 CEO of Duke Energy, mentions JUCCCE to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • 2009-05《上海日报》Shanghai Daily一文报道了聚思主席以及聚思战略顾问 Rob Watson JUCCCE Chairperson and JUCCCE Advisor featured,  "All Aboard for Green Building"
  • 2009-05   中国副市长出席聚思智能城市第二课 China’s Deputy Mayors Arrive for the Second JUCCCE Energy Smart Cities Course
  • 2009-05《新世纪商业杂志》 PPAPER BUSINESS 报道了聚思JUCCCE spotlighted in "People of the Month"
  • 2009-05《旧金山金门》 San Francisco Gate 报道了聚思主席刘佩琪女士在推广中国清洁能源技术方面的努力Peggy Liu, JUCCCE's Chairwoman, on China's current push for clean tech
  • 2009-05《旧金山纪事报》 San Francisco Chronicle《中国全力以赴研发清洁能源技术》一文中报道了聚思 "China Poised to Go All Out With Clean Tech"
  • 2009-05《第一财经周刊》 China Business News 报道了聚思市长培训项目JUCCCE Mayoral Training Program on Energy Smart Cities Feature
  • 2009-05《中国日报》 China Daily 报道了聚思携手全国市长研修学院启动市长培训项目,重点介绍了聚思主席刘佩琪女士 JUCCCE and the National Training Center for Mayors of China Launch the Mayoral Training Program's First Course on Energy Smart Cities
  • 2009-05 《美国侨报网》 US Qiao Bao 报道了聚思市长培训项目负责人史蒂夫•海默教授 Steve Hammer of JUCCCE on Mayoral Training
  • 2009-05《连接海峡两岸》 Bridging the Strait 报道了中美启动市长培训项目,同时介绍了聚思市长培训项目负责人史蒂夫•海默教授,Steve Hammer of JUCCCE Featured, China and US to Launch Mayoral Training Program
  • 2009-04《国际在线》China Radio international 报道了聚思市长培训项目负责人史蒂夫•海默教授 Steve Hammer of JUCCCE on Mayoral Training
  • 2009-04 《赫芬顿邮报》 Huffington Post 中美合作三大双赢领域 "3 Win-Win Areas for US-China Collaboration"
  • 2009-04 《绿色日报》 The Daily Green 报道了聚思战略顾问史蒂夫•海默教授 Steve Hammer featured
  • 2009-04《绿跃进》Green Leap Forward Blog 博客报道了聚思JUCCCE Mentioned in The Green Leap Forward
  • 2009-04《耶鲁大学环境360度观察》Yale Environment 360 报道了聚思
  • 2009-03《东方企业家》 Asian Business Leaders Magazine 圆桌会议专栏,报道了聚思主席JUCCCE Chairperson profiled in Roundtable Column
  • 2009-03  战略与国际研究中心《中国的绿色化进程:可为美国创造大量就业机会》(播客) CSIS event with JUCCCE "The Greening of China: An Opportunity to Create U.S. Jobs" (podcast)
  • 2009-03《绿色革命》2nd Green Revolution 在第二次绿色革命中报道了聚思 JUCCCE featured on 2nd Green Revolution website
  • 2009-03《金融时报》 Financial Times《畅谈清洁能源》增刊中对聚思进行了报道。Raconteur on Clean Technology
  • 2009-03《丝路》Silkroad Magazine 杂志《先锋》一文特别报道了聚思主席刘佩琪女士。"Up Front"
  • 2009-02《建设报》JUCCCE Press Release《中国报》聚思与建设部全国市长培训中心签订为期三年的市长培训项目合作协议。等媒体进行采访报道。
  • 2009-02 《旧金山公共广播电台加州报告》 KQED's California Report 中关于加州与中国就清洁能源展开合作项目,对聚思主席刘佩琪女士进行了报道。"The CA-China Connection"
  • 2009-02《 世界经济论坛评》World Economic Forum 聚思主席刘佩琪女士被 选为2009全球青年领袖。Peggy Liu selected as Young Global Leader 
  • 2009-02《创造在中国》ITVAsia.com 中对聚思主席刘佩琪女士进行了报道。Peggy Liu Interview
  • 2009-01《中国投资》聚思战略顾问 Gary Rieschel 成为杂志的封面人物。JUCCCE Strategic Advisor Gary Rieschel in Cover Feature
  • 2009-01《本田集团》The Hondo Group 与聚思正式合作,参与设计工作。 Partners with Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy


  • 2008-12《克林顿全球》 Clinton Global Initiative 再生能源论坛  Annual Meeting
  • 2008-12《金融时报》Financial Times 《可持续发展的亚洲领导者》增刊中重点报道聚思。"Asian Leaders of Sustainable Development"  
  • 2008-12《中国经济评论》China Economic Review 中在对沃尔玛的报道中介绍了聚思。
  • 2008-12《中国数字时报》China Digital Times 报道中国电网需要智能化能源管理。
  • 2008-11《外滩画报》The Bund 聚思主席刘佩琪女士成为封面人物。
  • 2008-11《绿跃进》Green Leap Forward 博客中对聚思的介绍。
  • 2008-11  中国环境法博客中对聚思的介绍。China Environment Law Blog
  • 2008-11《城市周报》 Beijing City Weekend 北京周末版聚思战略顾问Julian Wong
  • 2008-11《城市周报》City Weekend 封面故事对聚思两位团队核心成员OKoo 及 David Nieh进行了报道
  • 2008-11《旧金山商业时报》San Francisco Business Times 中提及聚思智能电网项目
  • 2008-11  绿跃进博客发表聚思2008中国节能减排论坛的摘要。
  • 2008-11  聚思智能电网项目正式启动 JUCCCE Press Release: JUCCCE Launch of Smart Grid Initiative to Meet China’s Energy Challenge
  • 2008-11《中国日报》China Daily 两页聚思增刊
  • 2008-11《中国评论新闻》聚思中国清洁论坛的图片登上
  • 2008-11《旧金山商业时报》San Francisco Business Times 报道聚思正式开设旧金山办公室
  • 2008-11《条条大路通中国》All Roads Lead To China 评论了聚思中国节能减排论坛
  • 2008-10  省理工学院 聚思主席刘佩琪女士出席麻 TechConnection
  • 2008-10《美国国家气》 The Weather Channel 象频道地球预测峰会评选为影响气候变化的十大个人/公司,
  • 美国国家气象频道对聚思进行了报道 JUCCCE highlighted
  • 2008-10   地球预测热门排行榜中对聚思的报道
  • 2008-10 《时代周刊》 TIME US《环保英雄》“Heroes of the Environment”
  • 2008-10 《金融时报》Financial Times《缔造改变》一文对聚思进行了报道。"Delivering change" 
  • 2008-10 《金融时报》Financial Times《太阳来了》一文中对聚思进行了报道。"Here Comes the Sun" 
  • 2008-10 《环球财经时报》 International Business Times 报道OptimalTechnologies在2008克林顿全球行动峰会上推进全球能源承诺的达成 Optimal Technologies Helps Drive Global Energy Commitment at the 2008 Clinton Global Initiative
  • 2008-07《上海英文星报》 Shanghai Star中专题报道《绿色是我们的未来吗?——聚思和可持续发展的中国》Is Green Our Destiny? JUCCCE and a Sustainable China
  • 2008-06 《大西洋月刊》The Atlantic Monthly《中国的希望之光》一文中对聚思进行了报道。China's Silver Lining 
  • 2008-04《上海英文星报》Shanghai Star Business Journal 商业版《绿色政策需要实践》。Green Policies Need to be Practical
  • 2008-04 McKinsey Alumni Center Profile on Peggy Liu
  • 2008-01《上海英文星报》Shanghai Star Business Journal 商业版《理查德·布兰森的绿色》一文中对聚思名誉委员理查德·布兰森进行了报道。Branson’s Greenery 


  • 2007-09《旧金山纪事报》San Francisco Chronicle《硅谷风险投资商寻求中国的清洁能源机遇》。Silicon Valley venture capitalists look for clean slate in China
  • 2007-11《经济学人》The Economist《清洁发展机制——如何让绿色事务更智慧》。 The Clean Development Mechanism - How to make a clever deal cleverer 
  • 2007-11 《经济学人》The Economist《清洁发展机制——如何让绿色事务更智慧》。 The Clean Development Mechanism - How to make a clever deal cleverer 
  • 2007-09  生物能源国际公共公司第27号报告对聚思进行了介绍。The Bioenergy International
  • 2007-07《经济学人》The Economist 在《绿色出击——中国的清洁能源技术》一文中对聚思进行了报道。Clean Tech In China - Green Shoots 
  • 2007-07《财经Caijing 杂志报道聚思《加速推动中国的节能运动》。JUCCCE featured in “Accelerating the greening of China”