7 Step process to reimagine prosperity, reshape sustainability, to transform desire:



1. Frame the Dream – audacious diversity, co create workshops 

2. Voice The Dream – idioms, vernacular, old wisdoms. Retell sustainability thru personal prosperity

3. Vision The Dream – before and after



4. Forge The Dream –collaborations to activate norms

5. People The Dream – influencers, audiences & social strategy

6. Share The Dream – social toolkits - actions – horizontal & vertical



7. Measure The Dream – mentions, citations, conversations created, actions catalysed…


A video and slides of Julian Borra presenting Dream-in-a-Box at Sustainable Brands in London can be found here.


China Dream

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UK Dream


Please click here for information on the UK Dream


For inquiries on how to start a dream movement in your location, please contact Julian Borra, Founder, Thin Air Factory.