Community Education

With the support of corporate, celebrity, and university volunteers, JUCCCE has trained elementary through high school students on the value and importance of a sustainable society.

JUCCCE and our lighting partners GE and Philips Lighting have donated 130,000 energy efficient lightbulbs to 8 cities for community education.

Student videos made with JUCCCE

"How and Why to Save Water" by 6 year old Cory of YK Pao School, Shanghai

"Water Pollution and Your Health" by 7 year old Mason of YK Pao School, Shanghai

"How to Make Your Own Worm Compost for Fertilizer" by Bonnie Delaroy, Senior Girl Scout and SMIC Student, Shanghai



Special recognition to O Koo for leading the way. Thanks to Frog Design, supermodel Du Juan, actress Li Bingbing, Philips Lighting, L'Oreal Yue Sai, Citigroup and Stanford University volunteers for contributing to our student and community trainings.