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JUCCCE is one of the most reputable bridges for international collaboration with China in the sustainability area.  JUCCCE has a strong track record of facilitating interactive, bilingual, high quality forums which bring together leaders from government, academia and business to discuss clean energy topics.   The JUCCCE China Energy Forum is one of the highest-level cross-sector, cross-border conferences on sustainable technologies for China.  JUCCCE's leadership team was instrumental in producing the MIT Forum on the Future of Energy in China in 2008, which became one of the first public dialogues between China and US government on clean energy.


Exec Dir, US DOE in China, Marty Schoebauer: "Thanks once again for organizing and managing a top notch forum. I ran into several participants at breakfast and we all agreed that your format was perfect for this event -- setting it apart from the rest. I let (our team) know the forum was superbly done and that we should follow your lead in adopting similiar formats..." 

Israeli delegate Professor Rick Hardiman of Weissman Institute: "I want to congratulate you all for a really successful conference. It was a great meeting, excellently organised and you invited a wonderfully stimulating group of people. I loved the format for the discussion groups and will probably use it for the China-Israel sustainable energy conference I am preparing for next year. If anything, the afternoon session, which really provided food for thought, was too short and I felt we could have easily gone on for another day. In any event I am sure the forum will have a very positive outcome and help to further the much needed US-China (and Israel) relations in the environment sector. " 

Jigar Shah, Executive Director, Carbon War Room: "I know that you know this, but it is worth repeating. If you didn’t do your work, no one else would. JUCCCE performs a critical task which is under-appreciated! 

David Cheng, Director of Research, Cleantech Group: "Thanks for the wonderful conference. As a frequent attendee of conferences (and now someone who helps organize them), I thought the Forum was well-organized and had a high quality of attendees. Unlike some other conferences, I thought your Forum really highlighted collaboration and conversation. Your ability to have Chinese nationals and non-Mandarin speaking Westerners engage in thoughtful debate is a master stroke."


Our latest Forum was held on Nov 19-20, 2011 with CECEP (China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group), the only state owned enterprise in this sector. Representatives from 7 countries attended.

Below: View the forum binder and over 20 expert essays on how collaboration can help accelerate the greening of China.

JUCCCE China Energy Forum 2010 (agenda) with National Academy for Mayors of China

JUCCCE China Energy Forum 2008 (agenda)

JUCCCE China Energy Forum 2007 with National Development Reform Commission's Investment Association Committee

MIT Forum on the Future of Energy in China 2007 (where JUCCCE was conceived) (agenda)


Special recognition to Christine Chen, Lucy Huang, Elizabeth Campbell, River Lu, Shayla Yin for being masterful coordinators over the years.

Thanks to the many dedicated volunteers who have made the events possible! Emily Chen 陈茜雯, Xi Chen 陈稀, Candice Geng 耿梦瑶, Nancy Jiang 江蔚曦, Xinrong Hu 胡新荣, CC Huang, Keqiang Huang 黄克强, Jingrong Li 李京蓉, Xi Li 李曦, Hao Liu 刘皓, Rong Liao 廖蓉, Humphrey Ng, Yixia Pan 潘伊葭, Dan Pei 裴丹, Ruiqing Peng 彭瑞清, Joyce Wang 王文芳, Ning Wang 汪宁, Wei Wei 魏巍, Thomas Wu, Shi Xia 夏时, Gina Xiang 项楠, Ariel Xu 许卉, Han Xu 徐翰. Lily Xu 徐曼, Xiaomeng Yang 杨晓萌, Amy Zeng, Fan Zhao, Bin Zhang 张斌, Bryan Zhang 张凯, Chunlan Zhang 张春岚, Nancy Li.

We're grateful for the support of Dow Chemical, CECEP, IHS, NDRC Investment Association Committee, US Department of Energy, MIT, McKinsey, Morrison & Foerster, 

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