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JUCCCE is helping create a generation of sustainable leaders. Today’s global problems require much more coordinated collaboration across a variety of organizations, spanning different sectors and geographies. JUCCCErs are ready to lead the way!


Working at JUCCCE can change your life. Interns at JUCCCE are always surprised how much of an impact on the world they can make. Our working style is a uniquely collaborative and fast-paced.


You might leave deciding to pursue a career in sustainability and at an NGO. Or you may learn how to cook and become more vegetarian!

To get involved, please email: volunteer@juccce.org



Chenyu Zheng, Volunteer 2010-Present

Chenyu interned summer 2010 and has been an integral part of JUCCCE ever since.

During her internship, she led a book translation project. She now works for Morgan Stanley and also is JUCCCE's community relations manager. 

Below is a quote from her blog post about her experience at JUCCCE

"I learned how to align motivation and skill sets of volunteers with relevant projects.  As JUCCCE convenes  cross-border, cross-sector stakeholders to green China, I find myself a convener of resources for JUCCCE. When motivation is aligned and resources are convened, we achieve scale by innovation, collaboration and love of efficiency."


Jesse Chang, Volunteer 2010-present

Jesse Chang has been a volunteer since 2010, and he now helps lead JUCCCE's tech transfer program. 

How did you hear about JUCCCE/come to work with JUCCCE?  I work in investment banking in the cleantech industry, so through that I’ve been interested in sustainable development of energy resources. One day I in a random web search for U.S. – China opportunities in the cleantech space, and JUCCCE’s name came up as a leading NGO. I reached out to Peggy and, next thing I knew, I was flying to Shanghai to help them put together JUCCCE’s 2011 clean energy forum. I now work with JUCCCE’s tech transfer program. I help partnerships with top tech companies and VC’s to bring cleantech to China. I feel really fortunate to have found this opportunity as we are uniquely positioned as a cultural bridge between the US, which has engineering talent and technology solutions, and China, which has capital and a willingness to experiment.  

What was a notable moment at JUCCCE? Not long after starting to work at JUCCCE, I found myself at Nasa Ames, making a speech about China Dream. Charlie Mathews and I won the award for most outstanding sustainable solution. This was an amazing opportunity which I never would have had without JUCCCE.

What did you learn by working at JUCCCE?  The power of collaboration. At the 2011 JUCCCE Energy Forum, we brought leaders from 8 countries and 5 countries together. JUCCCE is the platform that convenes all these experts and leaders; I saw how much could be accomplished when people share their knowledge and work together.

What would you say to people thinking about working with JUCCCE? The sky is the limit here. Be proactive and seek out opportunities to contribute the JUCCCE and, no matter your background, there will be something that makes use of your skills. We are a volunteer-based organization, and you’ll be working with high-level people on big problems.

Elizabeth Campbell, former Intern and Chief of Staff

Elizabeth Campbell interned with JUCCCE, then worked as Chief of Staff for JUCCCE's Chairperson. She later was hired by JUCCCE co-founder Steve Papermaster in his technology company Ngenera and now works for Facebook.

How did you hear about JUCCCE/come to work with JUCCCE?  I began working with JUCCCE as an undergraduate intern, the summer before my senior year at Yale. I later returned to Shanghai full-time as Chief of Staff for the organization.

What was a notable moment at JUCCCE? Late nights helping write the Economist debate series! The impact JUCCCE makes through media is truly amazing.

What did you learn by working at JUCCCE? Or what did you gain? Knowledge is power -- but the ability to convene people can be truly game-changing.

What would you say to people thinking about working with JUCCCE? Dive in!

Holly Cheng, former Executive-in-Residence

Holly Cheng attended the inaugural event that created JUCCCE. She was inspired to join JUCCCE at the beginning and start up JUCCCE's Beijing office. She left BP China as a general manager in the Gas department and volunteer with JUCCCE for a year as an Executive-in-Residence. During this time, she headed up government relations, as well as spearheaded our Smart Grid initiative.

She then joined Vestas China as head of Government Relations. She is now head of Government Relations for Huntsman Corporation.