About JUCCCE's Program Initiatives

JUCCCE projects leverage our government channels and convening ability to make systemic changes in the way China creates and uses energy.  

JUCCCE projects are made possible through the collaboration and aid of leading experts, corporate resources, and dedicated volunteers.

We work within 3 key drivers of China's energy use:  Sustainable UrbanizationSustainable Industry, and Sustainable Consumption, and continue to improve upon our Collaboration methods by sharing with and learning from others.

Program Area: Sustainable Urbanization  

Now is the time, as China goes through the next 20 years of rapid urbanization and infrastructure development, for JUCCCE to help China develop the capacity to build sustainable cities. JUCCCE leverages our mayoral training programs, run by the Central Government, to bring best practices and technologies to China's local leaders.

Sustainable Urbanization Projects Status   Impact  
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Government Training



Training Modules include: 

Ecolivable Cit

Eco-heritage Tourism 

Municipal Waste and Water Treatment

Energy Master Planning

Green Financing

Eco-city development

Heating and Cooling

800 government officials and SOE executives trained on sustainable cities to-date  
Sharing Best Practices Ongoing   PlaNYC, Chicago Climate Action Plan, Portland Sustainability Plan, Seoul Sustainability Plan  
Green Bonds On Hold      
Rural Heating completed   First green building council established in Mongolia to create building codes for rural schools   

Program Area:Sustainable Industry

Industry uses 70% of energy in China. JUCCCE introduces innovative technologies and partnerships that can help develop the “Circular Economy” in China - an industrial economy that allows for economic growth while protecting valuable resources and the environment. The Circular Economy needs stakeholders to work together to help industries and services enable one facility’s waste to be another’s input.

Sustainable Industry Projects

Status   Impact  
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JUCCCE China Energy Forums




4 annual forums, 3 Idea labs  
Smart Grid completed   Catalyzed Smart Grid movement in China. Launched Yangzhou Smart Grid Valley- China's first smart grid business hub.  

Program Area:Sustainable Consumption

JUCCCE is helping rethink consumption to lessen the impact of China’s population- 1.4 billion people- on our world’s resources. JUCCCE’s key programs involve reshaping China's aspirational lifestyle and developing China’s next generation of green advocates.

Sustainable Consumption Projects Status   Impact  
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China Dream




Community Education


Donated 130,000 energy efficient lightbulbs to 8 cities in community education events


Media & Celebrity Advocacy


Trained actress Li Bingbing, supermodel Du Juan, singer Cheng Lin as green advocates. Over 20 million impressions in green consumer media features. 

YK Pao Expo Material Reuse Completed      

Program Area:Sustainable Collaboration

Today’s global problems require more coordinated collaboration across a variety of organizations, spanning different sectors and geographies. A key ingredient for societal change is cooperation among cross-sector, cross-border stakeholders who typically have different incentives for participating. The world needs more leaders who have the skills and capability to mobilize a virtual group for measurable change, and more tools to help with coordination of these efforts.  Specific initiatives include Stone Soup Global Leadership and Blueprint for Impact. These initiatives are being incubated within JUCCCE with a goal of assisting other organizations to accelerate their results within China, as well as in other parts of the world.  

Sustainable Collaboration Projects

Status   Impact  
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Stone Soup Global Leadership





Launched at Davos 2011 with Young Global Leaders


Blueprint for Impact

On Hold      
Partnerships with other organizations Ongoing      


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