Rural Heating

In 2010, JUCCCE sent a team to Mongolia to investigate alternative heating solutions (see video) for 100 rural schools chopping down over 500 tons of live wood per school, per season. What we found was a lack of building codes that led to uninsulated schools and ineffective heating. 

Our report led to the creation of Mongolia’s first green building council in February 2011.


Thanks to Jonathan Woetzel’s support, Oyungerel Tsedevdamba’s local leadership, Joel Slonetsky and Nora Sluzas for their dedication and sense of adventure, Van Yang’s videography, Hondo Design for design.


Watch our video: Mongolia: Rural Heating from JUCCCE on Vimeo.




Signing of MOU to create Mongolia’s first green building council. Feb 2011


We need to find ways to get consumers, organizations and governments to work together to solve our energy problems, and JUCCCE will provide the vehicle to make this happen.           

- Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, & JUCCCE Honorary Committee Member -

JUCCCE is impressive. Its talented team focuses on projects that matter, helping tackle China's clean energy challenges at the ground level.

- David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary, US Dept. of Energy -