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JUCCCE is much more than a place to "give to society".
It's a life-changing experience.

Make a real impact

A Green China = A healthy world. No other problem is as vital to our collective well being as ensuring a sustainable Earth. You can make a tremendous difference by working on our highly impactful programs that leverage the power of the JUCCCE network.

Build your resume

JUCCCE is a well-known non-profit organization in a hot space... A growing China, a greater recognition of the climate crisis, a need to build better cultural bridges with China and the rest of the world, and a need to train more collaborative sustainability leaders. All our volunteers’ work is recognized publicly. 

Access to great minds

Access: The JUCCCE family is made of exceptional people and has big goals. Take advantage of this unique access to our key advisors and be inspired by the people you meet.


Meet like-minded peers and make life-long friends with similar values.Many of our alumni continue to represent JUCCCE around the world and recruit others. Once a JUCCCEr, always a JUCCCEr! 


Learn to be a collaborative leader

Learn from JUCCCE's innovative and collaborative way of working, which is being codified in Stone Soup Global Leadership model. The career skills you build as a collaborative leader and cultural bridge are valuable in any field.


Interns will spend significant time learning directly from JUCCCE Chairperson Peggy Liu.


Volunteer FAQ

  1. Sustainable urbanization: www.juccce.org/mayoraltraining Through our government training program, JUCCCE brings best practices from around the world to inspire Chinese mayors and central bureau heads to develop more sustainable cities. We focus on economically viable, immediately deployable solutions for cities. JUCCCE creates and leads training classes for three of eight official government training academies under the Central Organization Department. Since 2008, almost 600 officials have taken JUCCCE classes on a wide range of topic such as eco-heritage tourism, municipal waste and water, clean energy, energy master planning, green development at precinct level, sustainable lifestyle, low carbon transportation.
  1. Sustainable consumption: www.juccce.org/chinadream To change social norms from conspicuous consumption to more sustainable living, JUCCCE is “reimagining prosperity to reframe sustainability and transform desire”. To engage a wider audience, our methodology shifts the conversation from a polarizing and fear-mongering sustainability movement to a more inclusive and aspirational prosperity movement. Our China Dream program is the framework of all JUCCCE’s consumer facing projects. The methodology behind China Dream is now open-sourced into “Dream-in-a-Box” for other regions to use.
  2. Work on developing nutrition education for kids through our program "A New Way to Eat". www.juccce.org/eating

JUCCCE can use help with the following volunteer activity that may be suitable for:

  • Summer internships (2 months or longer)
  • Winter and spring internships (3 months or longer)
  • Lead a regional hub. For each regional team, we suggest choosing one single project to work on together.
  • Ongoing part-time help
  • Executives-in-Residence (for GM, VP, C-level executives looking to transition)
  • Corporate in-kind support
  • Not all tasks require energy expertise. There is a wide range of talents we are seeking.
  • Native Chinese language skills are great, but not necessary for all positions
  • For students, prior internship experience is mandatory.
  • We're looking for over-achieving, well-rounded, smiley people with a passion for changing the world.
  • Skills: the ability to self-manage, good presentation skills, good collaboration skills, strong project management, and recruiting skills 
  • Harvard student: Helped plan the kick-off for the JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative and participated in weekly calls with Duke Energy executives. Went to Clinton Global Initiative 2008 with me as a Smart Grid colleague.
  • Imperial College: Wrote masters thesis on China Dream. Returned to work full-time at JUCCCE as a project manager for China Dream.
  • Peking University student: Helped to draft a proposal to city government officials for a new “Water City”, working with urban planning professors from Tongji.
  • U Michigan student: Helped launch China's first smart grid business hub, in Yangzhou- one of China's first 15 smart grid pilots. Returned to work full-time at JUCCCE as a project manager.
  • Yale student: Helped to revamp our entire JUCCCE.com website and write grant proposals. Went to our JUCCCE China Energy Forum and JUCCCE China Smart Grid workshop in November. Returned to work full-time at JUCCCE as Chief of Staff for JUCCCE’s Chairperson.
  • Bucknell University student: Created first set of classes and framework for curriculum for “A New Way to Eat” nutrition education for kids. Helped with event management for a private salon with Tom Friedman of NY Times.
  • Fudan student: Helped manage Chinese social media for JUCCCE. Regional hub lead in California, recruiting 20 volunteers from Stanford and UCSD.
  • Princeton student: Helped with a JUCCCE China Energy Forum event management. Continued to volunteer at JUCCCE, leading a regional hub in NYC to work on social spaces, recruiting volunteers around the world, helping with user interface design of HeYueCity.com.
  • Tuck student: Setup our Salesforce and email internal IT infrastructure.
  • University of Melbourne student: Managed curriculum development for a new government leadership course: “Designing for Human Scale: Social Spaces”
  • Duke student: Rallied and managed 19 Chinese volunteers to do translations for a new JUCCCE website launch.
  • Dartmouth student: Helped draft Climate Resilient City Design course curriculum with JUCCCE international experts.
  • China: China European International Business School, Fudan, Shanghai Jiaotong, Nanjing Hopkins, Peking, Tongji .
  • United States: Bucknell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Harvard Business School, MIT, NYU, Princeton, RPI, Stanford, Stanford Business School, Wesleyan, Tuck School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, University of Michigan Ford School, University of Michigan ERB School, University of San Diego IR/PS, Yale, Clark.
  • United Kingdom: Imperial College, London School of Economics, Oxford University.
  • Other: University of Melbourne, University of Waterloo, McGill University, Trinity College Dublin, American University of Paris. 

The JUCCCE office is a fun and engaging environment.  Interns work every day side by side with chairperson Peggy Liu and program director Lucy Luo.  Interns spearhead different projects and become fully immersed in JUCCCE's programs.  The office itself is a quirky idea incubator where interns have the opportunity to meet and talk with high-level intellectuals, policy makers, and activists from across the globe.  JUCCCE's office has a casual feel and JUCCCE practices what it preaches with interns making food every day to share with others.  Interns have the opportunity to form bonds which go well beyond the internship period as they explore Shanghai together.

Yes, we provide visa invitation letters for those who require it. We usually recommend students to apply for a tourist visa, but sometimes F-visas are suitable. However, China has tightened its requirements in the past year, and embassies around the world have been inconsistent in regards to implementing the new system.

As a volunteer organization, we are not able to provide any compensation for the internships. We are happy to recommend housing options for all budgets, and by providing a kitchen we hope it can keep food costs down.

Yes, we will happily write recommendation or reference letters for interns after their internship with us. This will very likely help you with future internships, jobs and graduate school applications.

  1. Read Peggy’s articles on Ensia "China Is a Model for Going Green (Despite What You Read)" and HBR "If You Want to Change the World, Partner with China"
  2. Peggy’s bio is at www.juccce.org/peggyliu. See the links to videos on China Dream and writings on China as a model for going green.
  3. Take a look at juccce.smugmug.com to see some pictures of our past activities with our partners.
  4. Our press highlights from around the world are at www.juccce.org/content/press

The JUCCCE Executive-in-Residence (EIR) Program has been successful in attracting high-level industry executives in transition. EIRs work with JUCCCE full-time, for 3 months to 1 year.  Executives remain JUCCCE strategic advisors after their time as EIRs. This is a volunteer position especially suited to executives who want to gain experience and credibility in the clean energy industry, and want to make an impact on the world.

Past JUCCCE EIRs include a former President of Bertelsmann Direct Group China, a former General Manager of Business Development for BP China Power and Gas.

Who is appropriate for this position?

  • A company executive who wants to take a sabbatical to rejuvenate, before returning to his/her company.
  • An executive looking to transition into the clean energy industry, wanting a credible platform from which he/she can launch a new career.
  • An executive looking to take a break between jobs, while working on projects with meaningful social impact.
  • An executive who wants to do something meaningful while maintaining a flexible work schedule.
  • A trailing spouse who wants to get back into the workforce and make an impact, while having a flexible schedule.

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